To build an inclusive and welcoming community for all citizens of Halton through education.


To promote greater awareness, understanding and respect amongst all people of our increasingly diverse community.


The Interfaith Council of Halton is fully supporting the Province of Ontario’s plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and is following the protocol and guidance to practice social distancing.

We are monitoring the situation closely for our Peace Camp in July and will keep you posted as information becomes available. During these unprecedented times, we should turn to our families, friends and communities for rays of hope. Despite the requirements of physical distancing, acts of kindness, no matter how small, ultimately bring us closer together.

“…However difficult matters are at present, and however close to the limits of their endurance some sections of societies are brought, humanity will ultimately pass through this ordeal, and it will emerge on the other side with greater insight and with a deeper appreciation of its inherent oneness and interdependence. May your minds be ever bent upon the needs of the communities to which you belong, the condition of the societies in which you live, and the welfare of the entire family of humanity, to whom you are all brothers and sisters.”

– Baha’i Writings

Highway to Heaven




October 29th,  2020
7:30 PM

Me, “The Other” Documentary

The Interfaith Council of Halton recently hosted a film night in celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week. On Wednesday February 5th over 100 people gathered at the Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre to see the film “Me, The Other” and participate in small group discussions about overcoming racial, religious and gender stereotypes and exclusion and finding our way towards inclusivity and diversity.

Screening of Me, the ” Other”


Religious groups in Halton join hands to sponsor Syrian

Christians, Jews and Muslims don’t always share a common cause, especially in the Middle East…

YIELD Program

Youth Interfaith Education Leadership Development Program

It is our hope that students will learn about and celebrate the diversity of our community, and …

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule of treating others the way we would like to be treated, which is shared by all religions, is a primary example that demonstrates this principle.

First Interfaith Peace Camp in Halton a big success

During the inaugural session of the Halton Interfaith Peace camp, which took place in Oakville from July 9-13, 2018, campers came to Shaarei-Beth El synagogue to learn about Judaism.

The Interfaith council of Halton has in its mission the goal of bringing people of different faiths together for education and fellowship, but it was even more important after the shooting at a mosque in Quebec in January of 2017.